Sitecore Professional Developer Certification Exam – My experience

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I have cleared my Sitecore 9 professional developer certification last week. Here I am sharing my experience which may helpful for Sitecore developers who are planning to go for this exam. I have overall 14 years of experience in Software applications development using  Microsoft technologies but I am new to Sitecore. I just started my journey with Sitecore and I am loving it!

First Step

If you are serious about the Sitecore 9 professional developer certification, I would suggest fix a date for the exam. It would help you to plan accordingly and also a motivation factor. When you will start thinking about the day/date, obviously you will think about the examination fee, time you need for preparation, study material. I am going to explain all the points here one by one

Examination Fee

The Exam is paid and it costs $300 per attempt. There is no limitation on the number of attempts though. You need to register here at During the registration process, you can select the date,time and examination center as per your convenience and availability.

The Exam

Exam Name: Sitecore Certified Platform Associate Developer Exam

Exam Duration: 90 Minutes

Exam Length: 50 Questions

Pass/Fail mark: 80%

Question Type: Multiple Choice Questions

Sitecore offers two ways to take the Sitecore Certified Platform Associate Developer exam: 1) take the exam with the online proctored service or 2) take the exam in a testing center. Purchase the exam using a credit card from Sitecore’s Exam Center at:


You may retake the Sitecore Certified Platform Associate Developer exam as many times as you would like until you pass the exam.

Exam Competencies

For exam competencies,please refer the below link

Study material

On internet you may find blogs,sample questions and pdfs to download & read but I would suggest that you go for the Sitecore offical online trainings.

Sitecore official website also suggests following resources which can help you to prepare for the examination – Sitecore Developer Network (Sitecore® Experience PlatformTM 8.0 or later) – Sitecore Documentation Site (Sitecore® Experience Platform 9.0) – Sitecore Developer Network (Prior to Sitecore® Experience PlatformTM 8.0) – Sitecore Knowledge Base – Master Sitecore YouTube channel – Helix Documentation Site (Habitat)

Other than, these resources go to and register to access the free training. It is basic training but training material is very good. You should also setup the local Sitecore instance and practice all the labs which are part of free training.Without practical knowledge,you may pass the exam but accordingly to me that would not add any value. When you done with free training, you may also go for advance paid online training if you want.

for all the details related to exam please follow the below link

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